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   Remotely Operated Vehicle (R.O.V.) / Submarine
Do It Yourself - Blueprints, Plans & Schematics !!!

Build it Yourself ROV/Submarine Plans & Blueprints
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   Remotely Operated Vehicle (R.O.V.)

- 5 different ROVs DIY Designs.
- Over 50 pages of pictures and instructions
- Easy to build from PVC Tubing.
- Easy to follow Electrical and Electronics

Locate sunken ships
Explore potential dive sites
Locate the best fishing spots
Inspect hulls

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INCLUDES: Set of plans detailing the construction of a remote controlled submarine (ROV remotely operated vehicle). The plans consist of a PDF file with over 50 pages, included are many color pictures and drawings. List of parts, easily bought at any hardware store, except for the radio control unit, this you'll have to buy online or any hobby shop.

As tested this ROV was built of ABS drain pipe, but PVC can be substituted. Two electric motors power the sub and are used to steer it. To dive and surface a piston changes the buoyancy of the craft, by taking in water or expelling it.

Also: Easy to build . Small 1 1/2 inch PVC housing Very sensitive B/W camera module or Color camera module Easy to follow plans. Now even easier less parts to procure, a new indestructible housing capable of withstanding abysmal depths. Able to locate and identify sunken ships, marine life, inspect boat hulls, great for salvagers, divers, fishermen.

All parts are homebuilt including the aluminum bracket, which allows the user to pivot the camera up or down, to inspect hulls or search river beds, locate treasure...
Ever wanted an underwater camera but did not have hundreds to spend? These plans will show you how to build an inexpensive model the only skill you'll need is soldering. Included in the file are instructions, pictures and graphics on building a professional looking self iluminated camera requiring a bit more work, and a few more dollars. You'll be able to build this camera in a few days.

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