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Humber Bay, Toronto

Type:     Dive Site
Build:     n/a
Location:     Humber Bay, Toronto, Canada
Depth:     30 feet
Built:     n/a
Sunk:     n/a
Length:     n/a feet
Access:     shore
Level:     Beginner
Orientation:     n/a

Site used frequently by divers in the GTA there is some surprises on site... Bicycle, etc...

This site is also used for training by some diveshops in the GTA

Posted by: Anonymous
Some interesting things to be discovered around the point. Several divers "decorate" the site every so often. Easy to access, it is used by some diveshops for their open water training. Visibility can be pretty horrible at times.

Posted by: Anonymous
End of september - Begining of October 2009: Water as clear as the caribeeans, just not quite as warm. Visibility was well over 75 to 100 feet. Water temperature was about 5 degrees.

You can dive with a 7mm wetsuit. (Just make sure you have good gloves and boots)

Posted by: Anonymous
From January to mid-April visibility was excellent (50+ feet) A new addition to the site: Rooster Statue located around the concrete pipes.

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