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Toronto Harbour

Type:     Shipwreck
Build:     1873
Location:     Toronto Harbour, Canada
Depth:     135 feet
Built:     1873
Sunk:     1934
Length:     123 feet
Access:     boat
Level:     Tech Diver
Orientation:     Upright

This wreck lies in about 135 feet of water, in Humber Bay, just outside Toronto Harbour. This was one of the last working schooners on the Great Lakes, built in Michigan in 1873. It was sacrificed for the entertainment of the masses when it was set afire and left to sink just off Sunnyside Park in Toronto, in 1934.

The dive conditions at this wreck site can be variable. At 135 feet in depth, the wreck lies at the limit of recreational diving and beyond. Water temperatures at these depths can dip down to the 35F range, even in the height of summer. Historically quoted as a "black wreck in black water", there may not be much ambient light and a dive to this depth is much like a night dive. Proper deep cold water dive planning is a must to attempt this wreck.

WARNING: Cautions: Toronto Police Services Marine Unit Permission Form must be properly completed, and Poor Water Quality

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