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Type:     Shipwreck
Build:     1854
Location:     Barrie, Canada
Depth:     30 feet
Built:     1854
Sunk:     1857
Length:     150 feet
Access:     shore
Level:     Beginner
Orientation:     scattered

On August 4th 1857 at about half past twelve fire was discovered just above the boiler and spread so rapidly that those sleeping on board had just time to escape. Cut loose and left to drift into the bay, the dream of profits had gone up in flames and so had the reality of heavy financial losses. Captain Bell had been burned out on three previous occasions, but known as a steady and careful man, there was no blame attached to him. He had just been burned out in January of 1857 when fire destroyed Hodges Landing (now Hoakestone) which was caused from empting ashes on a very cold and windy night.

Posted by: Anonymous
Great site, accessible from the shore. Quite a bit of aquatic life. Visibility was 20 feet at begining of November

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