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1000 Island Bridge

Type:     Shipwreck
Build:     1837
Location:     1000 Island Bridge, Canada
Depth:     131 feet
Built:     1837
Sunk:     1838
Length:     n/a feet
Access:     boat
Level:     Intermediate / Advanced
Orientation:     On incline

It sounds more like something you''d find on a bad sketch comedy show: pirates (some in Indian costumes) storm onto a nearly new ship and kick everyone off, only to find out they have no idea how to start the engines and decide to set fire to it for kicks. Such is the short life of the one-year-old Sir Robert Peel.

If you were looking for a way to create a valuable and in tact shipwreck for divers, I suggest that after examining the remains of the Peel, you don''t burn it. There''s not much left, aside from the boiler (which is now minus a lengthy section of tubing courtesy of a dive boat anchor while we were just feet away from it - see pictures of the magic flying tubing below). The boiler (or what remains of it) sits at about 60'', and there is one main section of the hull which bottoms out at almost exactly 130''.

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