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1000 Islands

Type:     Shipwreck
Build:     1872
Location:     1000 Islands, Canada
Depth:     180 feet
Built:     1872
Sunk:     1886
Length:     143 feet
Access:     boat
Level:     Tech Diver
Orientation:     Half upright

For a ship that was only about 150'' long the Oconto managed to find a rather creative way to scatter itself across the bottom of the St. Lawrence Seaway, with some of it right side up some upside down (potentially due to two failed salvage attempts, and two slides into deeper water).

Lying in 180'' of water where there is perpetual current, this is not a particularly easy dive, but well worth it for those properly trained. Large sections of rail are still in tact, and other items of interest include the two precariously tangled anchors at the bow, boiler, one remaining blade of the prop (evidence of the collision), and a sizeable portion of overturned hull that can be entered.

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