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Type:     Shipwreck
Build:     1848
Location:     Kingston, Canada
Depth:     90 feet
Built:     1848
Sunk:     1861
Length:     175 feet
Access:     boat
Level:     Intermediate / Advanced
Orientation:     Upright

For anyone who has had the pleasure of diving the Comet that is about all the reminder they''ll need to set their mind reeling. The propulsion devices of this 337-ton side wheeler still tower 25'' above the bottom of Lake Ontario near Kingston. They are the most intact part of the ship, with much of the upper decks having collapsed. It is still possible to penetrate the lower deck and swim between the two massive boilers which run a good portion of the length of the 174'' ship but you will need to think thin thoughts to squeeze through at the end and the amount of silt is considerable.

Originally designed as a passenger ferry the Comet has been under water more often than some submarines. Her history runs like this: sunk from hitting a shoal and was raised, sunk by a boiler explosion and was raised, then finally hit another ship, sank and was let rest in peace to fulfill her U-boat fantasies at a depth of 80''.

The wheels are so large they almost double the width of the ship from 25'' to 45'' and triple the excitement of diving on it.

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