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Amherst Island Graveyard

Type:     Shipwreck
Build:     1855
Location:     Amherst Island Graveyard, Canada
Depth:     70 feet
Built:     1855
Sunk:     1928
Length:     176 feet
Access:     boat
Level:     Intermediate / Advanced
Orientation:     Upright

The Cornwall was launched in Montreal in 1855, and worked in the great lakes for nearly 70 years until it was finally scuttled off Amhert Island in 1928. Originally, named the Kingston (from 1855-1873), the Cornwall was a luxury passenger liner who played host to the likes of the Prince of Wales. Also under the names of Bavarian (1973-1895) and Algerian (1895-1906), it was finally renamed as the Cornwall (1906-1928) when it was outfitted with salvage equipment and served it''s final days as a wrecking tug.

The wreck sits just off Amherst Island in about 70 feet of water. There is much to see on this wreck, including two twenty foot diameter paddlewheels, two large boilers, windlass, ladder, pipes, as well as woodwork from the hull of the ship.

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