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Type:     Shipwreck
Build:     n/a
Location:     Kingston, Canada
Depth:     110 feet
Built:     n/a
Sunk:     1890
Length:     n/a feet
Access:     boat
Level:     Intermediate / Advanced
Orientation:     Upright

Preserve Our Wrecks (POW) Kingston has done such a marvelous job of educating divers that some of the tools, cutlery, and other small items that went down when the Munson sank in 1890 are still present on the wreck. On the lower deck you can find the workbench littered with tools, a stove, and the collection of utensils and ceramics.

A forge, boilers for raising and lowering the bucket in the pre-hydraulic days, and the dredging arm are all still intact.

Hazards include depth and temperature - the max depth is close to 120 ft and it is always so dark that it can rightfully count as a night dive. Despite darkness, the visibility below 60 ft is typically excellent during the summer. Water temps rarely go above 40s at the bottom and in the height of the summer there might be more than one thermocline.

WARNING: Depth, Darkness, Cold Water

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