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Port Dalhousie

Type:     Shipwreck
Build:     n/a
Location:     Port Dalhousie, Canada
Depth:     109 feet
Built:     n/a
Sunk:     n/a
Length:     100 feet
Access:     boat
Level:     Intermediate / Advanced
Orientation:     Upright

Located by Jim Garrington, and first explored in 1996. There isnt a lot known about wreck, which has its name from the large tiller arm and rudder present on the wreck.

There is no ships wheel to find on this wreck, only the massive tiller arm used to turn the sizeable rudder which is now half buried in the silt. Hatch combings, railings, and the masts are the supporting players on the deck which is dominated by the windlass at the bow and steering mechanism at the stern. The hull is exceptionally intact, aside from a few gaps in the railing, and the snapped off bowsprit.

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