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Point Traverse

Type:     Shipwreck
Build:     1871
Location:     Point Traverse, Canada
Depth:     100 feet
Built:     1871
Sunk:     1880
Length:     92 feet
Access:     boat
Level:     Intermediate / Advanced
Orientation:     Upright

The Olive Branch has all the features that make a wreck interesting: in tact hull, wheel, anchor, deadeyes, machinery, and even small artifacts.

In great shape, with plenty to see, this is one of the nicest wrecks (in less than 100'') Southern Ontario has to offer. Deep enough to be cold and moderately dark, these are not things that should keep you from diving on her.

Despite being on the bottom for nearly over a century there are still artifacts to see on this wreck that would be almost unheard of anywhere in the world but in Canada. Thanks to the effort of groups like SOS (Save Ontario Shipwrecks) and POW (Preserve Our Wrecks) things have actually been returned to the wrecks they were taken from.

Descending the mooring line you will be greeted with a saucer as soon as you hit the deck. It''s not a broken fraction of its former self, it is the complete, genuine article. Keep searching and you will find the sole of a shoe and iron next to it, a large anchor, masts on the starboard side in impeccable shape, delicate ship''s wheel (that is getting thinner by the year) still in position, and more.

Cautions: Depth, Low visibility

The uninsured Olive Branch sank in a storm on Sept. 30, 1880.

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