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" is a Premiere website for scuba divers in the Greater Toronto Area. Discussing SCUBA lessons- training and certifications. is also proud to offer free and premium services to its members. Knowledge review and refreshers- Online Dive Planner- Online Dive Log and much more. Please sign up here. It's FREE!

   Remotely Operated Vehicle (R.O.V.) / Submarine Blueprints now available!
Do It Yourself - Blueprints, Plans & Schematics !!!
INCLUDES: Set of plans detailing the construction of a remote controlled submarine (ROV remotely operated vehicle). The plans consist of a PDF file with over 50 pages, included are many color pictures and drawings. List of parts, easily bought at any hardware store, except for the radio control unit, this you'll have to buy online or any hobby shop.

Online eLogbook - NOW AVAILABLE!   FREE eLogbook - NOW AVAILABLE!
The Online Logbook is available since May 1st 2009. Log all your dives and be able to access them from anywhere at any time!

Shipwrecks & Dive Sites Repository   Shipwrecks & Dive Sites Repository
Get all the information your need about your favorite dive sites in our FREE Shipwrecks & Dive Sites repository! . Members can rate and review the dive sites. The database is growing non-stop. If you have a dive site that is not listed and would like to share it... Use the contact form to send us the details.

Knowledge Review   SCUBA Quiz!
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        Online Logbook
The Online Logbook is available since
May 1st 2009.

Shipwrecks & Dive Sites Repository

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